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Double Rainbow All The Way Across the Sky in Ypsilanti, Michigan September 9, 2016 by | Comment on this

On August 21st, 2016,  the people in Ypsilanti looked up to the sky and saw something truly remarkable: two vibrant rainbows side-by-side spanning the entire town. Photos of the “double rainbow” started popping up all over social media, and we started to wonder, “what does it mean?” Posting our own double rainbow photo on Facebook inspired over […]

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10 Statues You Must See in Ypsilanti, Michigan August 19, 2016 by | Comment on this

Public murals are becoming increasingly popular in Ypsilanti, Michigan – but some of our sculptures and statues have been around for nearly a century! Take a look at this list while visiting Ypsilanti, and explore the beautiful and unique statues throughout the city and Eastern Michigan University’s Campus. 1. Demetrius Ypsilanti One of the most […]

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